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Using our platform, you can visualize your scrim data, track individual player performance, and more. Invite your players to your team and allow them to see their stats.

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Used by a variety of teams for stat tracking

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Improve faster

Everything you need to improve your team performance

Streamline your improvement process with our platform. Gain insight into your players' and teams' strengths and weaknesses. See their biggest areas of improvement and adjust your coaching accordingly.

Built by coaches, for coaches

Designed with collegiate and professional coaches in mind. Our platform is built to help you understand trends and patterns in your team's performance.

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Share with your team

Invite your players to your team and allow them to see their stats. Share your team's stats with your players and coaches. Keep everyone in the loop.

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Advanced statistics

Gain insight into your players' performance over time. Track their stats and see how they improve. See trends and patterns week over week.

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Everything you need

Scrim stats at your fingertips

See your stats after your scrims instead of only relying on replay codes. Our platform allows you to keep your data no matter what happens to your replays.

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Player and team data charts.
Visualize your team's stats. See what can be improved and where your team is excelling. Understand your team's strengths and weaknesses.
Filter stats by time.
See your team's stats over time. Filter by week, month, or year to see how your team is improving.
User profiles.
See individual player stats and trends over time. Understand how your players are improving and where they need help.
Advanced security.
User accounts do not store passwords. Only users you invite to your team can see your team's scrims.
Fast and reliable.
We're built on top of the latest cloud infrastructure. Speed is never an issue. We're always up and running.
Fully customizable.
Need custom functionality or want to track specific metrics? Let us know and we'll make it happen.

Our track record

Trusted by the best

We're proud to work with top teams and coaches to create better experiences for everyone. Our platform is built to suit the needs of collegiate and professional teams.

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5 out of 5 stars

“Parsertime is an incredible way to check out statistics in Overwatch scrims. It got me to understand more about statistics in general and really get interested in data science, which I now do for four teams (using Parsertime). The information it provides is so impactful that my players can be coached on things they actively need help with, like surviving longer, holding their ultimate abilities longer, and being more patient. Maybe their healing numbers are lower than the other support, so we can look at why. It's a fantastic tool that helps obtain a wider range of data to lock in on a closer field of view.”

coy (@shy.coy)
Manager for o7 Esports

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